UT – Ultrasonic testing

In ultrasonic testing we use high-frequency sound waves (longitudinal, transverse distribution of sound waves …) that pass from the ultrasound probe through the object under test and are reflected on the interfaces, such as the surface of the object under test or irregularities in it. It is a volumetric method to find internal flaws in the object under test. The basic technique of ultrasonic testing is UT / PE (pulse echo).

With the ultrasonic method we test welds, forgings, castings and sheet metal.

In 2011, we began intensively acquiring new knowledge in the field of non-destructive ultrasonic testing in the laboratory. Within the ultrasound method, we have gained two new testing techniques: TOFD- time-of-flight diffraction and UT / PA (phased array). Both of these techniques are complementary to each other and are mostly used combined.

We also perform thickness measurements by means of ultrasound (even at temperatures up to 500˚C).